saffron properties


Protect heart health
A simple way to protect your heart is to consume potassium.
Potassium is a vasodilator that prevents hypertension and arterial pressure. This protects the heart and reduces the number of heart attacks and strokes. Potassium is abundant in saffron.
Reduce anxiety
One of the properties of saffron is to relieve mild depression and improve mood in those who consume it regularly.
Many of the active ingredients of saffron affect the endocrine system and can help release beneficial hormones that maintain our health. Saffron has been introduced by various research organizations as a natural antidepressant.
Improvement in nerve function
Saffron contains a lot of vitamin B6 that can prevent some of the dangerous disorders and improve the functioning of the nervous system.
Prevent cancer
Saffron can specifically prevent cancer or spread cancer in the body. There are dozens of antioxidant compounds in saffron, many of which can neutralize the mutation or death of healthy cells by neutralizing free radicals that enhance the general health of the immune system.

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